Kia uses its 2014 Geneva auto show stage to detail a new mild-hybrid system destined for next-generation diesel- and gasoline-engine models.

The system pairs a 48V lead-carbon battery with an unspecified engine.

The battery powers a small electric motor that lowers engine emissions, as well as supplies an electric supercharger with energy to increase torque and power at low-engine speeds.

In the future, engineers see the supercharger supporting a possible larger conventional turbocharger, Kia says. The supercharger could be eliminated entirely so the hybrid system could fit in smaller cars.

Lead-carbon batteries were picked over more conventional lithium-ion as they “require no active cooling, are more easily recyclable at the end of the vehicle’s life and can function much more efficiently in sub-zero temperatures,” Kia says.

Electric-only operation is possible at low speeds or during cruising, and the battery is recharged upon deceleration at all speeds.

Stop/start will be standard equipment on engines paired with the mild-hybrid system, which should cut diesel and gasoline emissions up to 15%.

The supercharger can increase power 15%-20% depending on the vehicle in which it’s placed.

Kia also gets specific on its new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, which will replace the brand’s 6-speed automatic and appear in production models in 2015.

Two dry clutches, each with an electric motor-driven clutch actuator and two gear input shafts, one for odd gears and another for even gears, make up the DCT and allow sequential operation or the ability to jump to any of the forward seven gears as well as reverse.

Kia engineers targeted a 7% increase in fuel efficiency and a 5% improvement in acceleration over the 6AT during the DCT’s development process.

Kia also shows for the first time in Europe its upcoming Soul EV at the Geneva show. The Soul EV for Europe, going on sale in the region late this year, has the same specifications as the U.S. model but Kia Europe is targeting a higher range of 124 miles (200 km). The U.S. range of the EV was dropped from 120 miles to 80-100 miles (129-161 km) last month ahead of its U.S. debut at the Chicago auto show.

The Soul EV in Europe has the same 2-tone color schemes as in the U.S., although Kia Europe is short on specifics. In the States, the Soul EV will be available in white and blue, blue and white, or silver and white.