Kia releases full photos of its new KED 10 concept vehicle and announces its official name is the Kia Niro.

The B-segment Niro was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio, virtually adjacent to the venue for the Frankfurt auto show, where it will make its world debut Sept. 10.

The Niro design was developed under direction of Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s chief designer in Europe. It is the 10th Kia concept vehicle to be designed in Frankfurt.

A Kia source hints the Niro will feature a new, innovative drivetrain with a newly developed engine. Unconventional features include a 1-piece molded cockpit module and variable gear-selection control levers the auto maker has not yet explained.

Analysts believe that between the buzz and Kia’s announcements about it being a “possible future B-segment entry,” the Niro likely is destined for production.