SANT’AGATA BOLOGNESE, Italy – Supercar maker Lamborghini releases pictures of its updated Aventador S flagship sporting its most powerful naturally aspirated V-12.

The engine claims a 740 hp output enough to sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds on the way to a top speed of 217 mph (349 km/h). Besides improvements in aerodynamics, suspension, electronics and customizable driving modes, the car will feature a 4-wheel steering system.

Its 6.5L engine packs 40 hp more than its predecessor and also boasts 509 lb.-ft. (690 Nm) of torque at 5,500 rpm. Increased performance is achieved with improvements in the engine’s variable valve timing and by increasing maximum safe engine revs from 8,350 to 8,500 rpm.

Transmitting power from engine to wheels is Lamborghini’s lightweight Independent Shifting Rod 7-speed shifting system, providing robotized gear shifts in up to 50 milliseconds.

The 4-wheel steering makes its first appearance on a Lamborghini claiming improvements at all speeds. At low speeds, front wheels face in the opposite direction to the steering angle, reducing the wheelbase. With less steering-wheel angle required, the car should be more agile with a reduced turning radius. At higher speeds both front and rear wheels share the same steering angle, extending the wheelbase and increasing stability.

Aerodynamic enhancements to the rear of the Aventador S include a black diffuser, available in carbon fiber as an option, with vertical fins to amplify the airflow effects, reduce drag through pressure recovery and generate downforce.

An active rear wing is movable in three positions depending on speed and drive mode and works with vortex generators created in the front and rear of the chassis’ underside that maximize air flow as well as assist in brake cooling.

This design results in front downforce boosted more than 130% over the previous Aventador coupé. 

“This is the next-generation Aventador as well as the expression of new technological and performance milestones in super sports car development,” says Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini chairman and CEO. “The Aventador S is visionary design, cutting-edge technology and driving dynamics in pure harmony, and elevates the concept of super sports cars to a new level.”

The first customers will take delivery of the new Lamborghini Aventador S, priced in the U.S. at $421,350, in spring 2017.