DETROIT – Porsche has had longtime success with its 911coupe’s Targa variant, which places a removable roof panel over the heads of the front-seat passengers, so it is no surprise that a Targa should accompany the new version of the 911 introduced two years ago.

But unlike models introduced in 1965 and since then, this 911 Targa opens its rear hatch like a boa constrictor’s unhinged jaws in an impressive display of cinematics to swallow the Targa roof that slides backwards at a touch of a button.

Porsche has made 100,000 Targas over the years, says Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller, and only the Carerra nameplate is older.

The Targa represents 13% of the 911 line historically, joining the GT3, Carerra 4, Cabriolet and Turbo versions.

“Drivers will get the sense of freedom of a cabriolet, and the profile of a coupe,” Mueller says during the new-generation Targa’s unveiling at the North American International Auto Show here.

The 911 Targa shares its engineering with the 911 Carerra. The basic version features the 3.4L, 350-hp engine, while the S version engine displaces 3.8L and makes 400 hp.