MONTGOMERY, AL – Sooner or later, everybody has to grow up and put on a business suit.

Piercings and Mohawk haircuts are great for getting noticed in high school, but if you want to get taken seriously in the real world, you have to lose the youthful flamboyance and get a little dignified.

That’s what Hyundai did with the ’15 Sonata. After years of being an unheralded also-ran in the ultra-competitive midsize sedan segment, the automaker found its identity in 2010 with a curvy styling language dubbed Fluidic Sculpture. The swoopy lines of the ’11 Sonata caught everyone’s attention and turbocharged sales.

Now that it’s made a name for itself, the Korean automaker has adopted a more subtle language called Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. Like BMW’s short-lived Flame Surface Design, FS 1.0 turned heads but was immature stylistically and did not translate well to other vehicles.

FS 2.0 is more refined and puts the new Sonata on equal footing with the conservative competitors with the widest appeal, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, yet still retains enough unique styling cues to stand out from the crowd. This is especially apparent inside, where a wide center stack dominates the instrument panel and accentuates the car’s wide, roomy interior.

Hyundai engineers meticulously diagnosed the shortcomings of the outgoing model and made significant adjustments to the new one. The result is a more highly evolved version of its feisty predecessor that still insists on being more than a mere transportation appliance.