LITCHFIELD, CT – Despite scads of well-reviewed vehicles, Cadillac sales fell 2.0% through July.

One of the General Motors luxury brand’s best-reviewed models, the 2-year-old ATS sedan, was down 20.8% through last month vs. year-ago.

So it is with great hope Cadillac is unleashing the 2-door ATS, on sale late this month in the U.S. in rear- and all-wheel-drive.

The car gives Cadillac parity within the segment, as most German and Japanese luxury brands offer 2-door variants of their midsize sedans, including key target BMW with the 4-Series.

After driving the ATS coupe here, we find it strongly matches the ride-and-handling characteristics of the 4-Series, but in a more stylish package.

The ATS is a looker, as Cadillac’s angular art-and-science design language is worn better by a vehicle with two fewer doors that don’t chop up the sculpted body.

The ATS coupe’s appearance arguably is more progressive than those of its German and Japanese competitors, whose design language veers toward round.

From sedan to coupe, Cadillac redesigned every piece of ATS-sedan sheetmetal save for the hood.

Some specific changes include a lower beltline over the rear wheels, that emphasizes the coupe’s more sinuous body; frameless glass doors, that allow for thinner metal trim on the body; a smaller center-high-mounted stop lamp; and exterior mirrors from the CTS-V, that are not seen on the sedan.

Both the sedan and coupe get the new, wreathless Cadillac badge for ’15.

The 2-door ATS has the same wheelbase as the sedan, but in typical coupe fashion is lower and wider.