MIDDLEBURG, VA – Nowhere is Americans’ love affair with the CUV more evident than at Acura.

Six to 10 years ago, the brand sold 60,000-70,000 TL midsize sedans per year and another 30,000-40,000 smaller TSX sedans.

This year, the midsize RDX and large MDX CUVs have sold that much through July, while TSX and TL sales total 15,656, WardsAuto data shows.

With the entry-level ILX and flagship RLX sedans selling in very small numbers, to say Acura has a lot riding on the new ’15 TLX to right its car sales is putting it mildly.

The TLX replaces both the TSX and TL in Acura’s U.S. lineup. The brand believes retailing a vehicle similarly sized to competitors (the TSX was smaller than a BMW 3-Series, the TL a bit larger) will help spur sales.

But size alone can’t correct Acura’s car woes.

The TLX, while proving a competent performer during test drives of both 4- and 6-cyl. models here, wears a look too similar to that of the TL, including Acura’s widely panned 6-year-old power-plenum grille.

Overall, the new TLX isn’t ugly, but it doesn’t stand out against the competition or seem very fresh.