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Lousiville, KY
St. Louis, MO

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The redesigned model has improved ride and handling, better fuel economy and more power. New 3-valve cylinder heads and other refinements boost the power of the optional 4.6L V-8 by 22% to 292 hp, while the standard 4L V-6 has been retuned to cut emissions by 74%, reducing them to the same level as those of the Escape Hybrid. Featuring stability control with rollover protection, enhanced side-impact protection and better front-impact energy management, the vehicle meets current and proposed front and side-impact regulations through 2010, according to Ford. Helping reduce interior noise levels, are an all-new frame and redesigned front and rear independent suspension systems, the latter being more robust in order to accommodate increased load and towing capacities. Despite a more aggressive design, the exterior is more aerodynamic than that of the model it replaces, helping boost fuel economy.

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