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Stuttgart, Germany

’06 Price Range


’05 Price Range

The all-new mid-engine coupe is based on the Boxster S, but delivers higher performance from a 3.4L H-6 engine rated at 295 hp compared with the roadster’s 280-hp 3.2L engine. Although styling is similar, the Cayman’s sleeker hardtop roof helps provide better aerodynamics and its revised suspension allows higher cornering speeds. The slightly longer Cayman’s body is 100% more resistant to flexing than that of the Boxster S, with torsional stiffness nearly equal that of the 911 Carrera. The optional Tiptronic automatic transmission allows the driver to manually control gear shifting using steering-wheel-mounted buttons. Linked to the engine’s electronic throttle control, the transmission also adjusts engine speed when downshifting. On the options list is an active suspension system that provides a more comfortable "normal" ride than the standard system and a "sport" setting that gives a tighter feel for increased cornering capability.

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