Model Photo

Assembly Location

Vance, AL

’07 Price Range


’06 Price Range


Body Styles

ML320 CDI, ML350, ML500,
ML65 AMG 4-door CUV

Drive Configuration



3.0L Turbodiesel V-6; 5.0L V-8;
5.5L V-8; 6.2L V-8



What’s New for ’07

  • The first diesel-powered model for the U.S, market has been added to the lineup in the guise of the ML320 CDI that is powered by a 215-hp 3.0L turbodiesel V-6.
  • A performance-oriented AMG variant rejoins the lineup after a 2-year absence in the guise of the ML63 AMG, powered by a 503-hp 6.2L V-8.

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