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Assembly Location

Stuttgart, Germany

’07 Price Range


’06 Price Range


Body Styles

Carrera, Carrera S, Carrera 4, Carrera 4 S, 2-door coupe and convertible; Targa, Turbo, GT3, GT3 RS 2-door coupe

Drive Configuration

Rear, All-wheel


3.6L H-6; 3.6L Turbocharged H-6; 3.8L H-6


M-6, A-5

What’s New for ’07

  • All Carrera variants come with a standard tire-pressure monitoring system, an optional navigation system upgraded to include maps of Mexico and Puerto Rico and new exterior color choices.
  • Turbo-style 19-in. alloy wheels are optional on Carrera models.
  • A new Targa model, available with either a 325-hp or 355-hp engine, features a unique all-glass roof with a large, sliding, front opening panel and a hatch-like rear window to access the storage area behind the rear seats.
  • Designed for weekend competitive events, as well as street duty, the GT3 returns to the lineup with a lighter-weight, 415-hp, 3.6L H-6 engine in place of the Carrera’s 355-hp, 3.595L H-6, a close-ratio 6-speed manual gearbox, electronically controlled 2-mode active suspension, upgraded stability control, special front and rear air dams and larger brakes.
  • Utilizing some of the technology developed for the discontinued Carrera GT supercar, the GT3 RS features a wider body that weighs some 300 lbs. (136 kg) less than that of the GT3 on which it is based, has wider wheel tracks, a carbon-fiber adjustable rear “wing,” lightweight-rear window, adjustable track-tuned suspension components, race-tuned active suspension system, a revised 6-speed manual transmission and a restricted options list.
  • Completing the revised 911-Series lineup is the return of the Turbo coupe powered by a 420-hp, turbocharged 3.6L H-6 utilizing the first liquid-cooled turbo housing on a production car and featuring specially tuned all-wheel-drive and stability-control systems. An optional Sports Chrono Package includes an engine “overboost” feature that allows a mid-range momentary increase in turbo boost beyond normal limits to generate more horsepower and torque under transient conditions such as when passing another vehicle.

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