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Assembly Location

Spartanburg, SC
Dingolfing, Germany

'08 Price Range


'07 Price Range


Body Styles

Z4 M 2-door coupe and convertible' M3 2-door coupe, M5 4-door sedan; M6 2-door coupe and convertible

Drive Configuration



3.2L I-6; 4.0L V-8; 5.0L V-10


M-6, A-6

What's New for '08

  • The all-new M3 features a 4.0L V-8 with individual throttles for each cylinder, and a new, comprehensive electronic engine management system that monitors the combustion chamber directly from the spark plug, preventing knocking and misfires, as well as maximizing operational integration between the clutch, gearbox, steering and brakes.
  • The M3 makes extensive use of aluminum in the chassis and suspension system that results in a 50/50 front/rear weight balance and overall weight savings.
  • The M5 and M6 variants receive exterior upgrades, including new headlamps and taillights, while the M5 receives new color options and the M6 features a reshaped decklid.
  • The M3 and M5 now feature an i-Pod/USB adaptor, and HD radio as options, while the M3 offers Sirius satellite radio and the M5 offers a stand-alone Premium Sound audio system with enhanced bass and up to 16 high-performance speakers.
  • On the M4, a new paint color is offered, and the price of the HD-radio option has been reduced to $350.

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