’09 Price Range

’08 Price Range

Body Styles
328i, 328xDrive 4-door sedan and wagon; 328i, 328xDrive 2-door coupe; 328i 2-door convertible; 335i, 335xDrive 4-door sedan and wagon, 335i, 335i, 335xDrive 2-door coupe; 335i 2-door convertible; 335d 4-door sedan.

Drive Configuration
Rear, All-wheel

3.0L I-6; 3.0 Twin-turbo I-6, 3.0L Twin-Turbodiesel I-6

M-6, A-6

Assembly Location
Dingolfing, Germany; Munich, Germany; Regensburg, Germany

What’s New for ’09

  • ;Sedans and wagon variants receive new front- and rear-end styling, including new “chrome-tube” headlamps, which feature luminescent tubes as daytime running lights on models equipped with bi-Xenon headlamps, new light-emitting diode turn signals, revised rocker panels, new taillamps and a redesigned sedan decklid.
  • BMW’s iDrive system has an improved menu and command structure, which allows for more intuitive operation, while an optional harddrive, which can store information and music, appears with the navigation system.
  • The 335d sedan joins the lineup and is powered by an all-aluminum 3.0L I-6 twin-turbodiesel, which features an exhaust particulate filter and selective catalyst reduction, allowing it to meet emission standards in all 50 states.
  • Three new interior colors, new door sills and active front-seat head restraints appear.
  • Three new, metallic paint colors are offered.

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