OjO Electric announces a global licensing agreement with Ford to create an exclusive line of six battery-electric Ford OjO Commuter Scooters.

Beginning in January, the Ford OjO Commuter Scooter will be available for purchase at retailers nationwide as well as online at www.ojoelectric.com.

“These unique scooters will draw visual inspiration from classic and contemporary Ford vehicles while integrating OjOʼs innovative design and technology,” Santa Monica, CA-based OjO says in a news release.

According to OjOʼs website, Commuter Scooters now available for purchase are priced at $1,999.99.

The zero-emissions 2-wheel scooter’s heavy-gauge, all-welded aluminum chassis allows it to support 300 lbs. (135 kg) yet weighs just 65 lbs. (29 kg). OjO claims 25 miles (40 km) of range on a single charge, a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a 500-watt gear hub motor allowing the scooter to climb grades of up to 15%.

The scooter complies with the same rules and guidelines for electric bicycles, meaning no license is required. Equipped with an on-board charger with retractable cord and plug, the scooter gives riders the ability to recharge the removable 48V battery at any standard 110V wall outlet.

Commuter Scooters now on the market offer a Bluetooth-enabled sound system, front and rear LED lighting and a removable seat that allows operation while standing.

“Weʼre thrilled at the opportunities the new Ford OjO Commuter Scooters offer to introduce more people to the benefits of electric scooters,ˮ OjO Electric CEO Don Ratner says. “With zero emissions, our line of OjO Commuter Scooters are smart, sustainable transportation for a clean ride.ˮ