Arshia Gratiot is a founder of Third Space Auto, which is creating software that allows your car to learn who “you” are.

She used to work for mobile-phone maker Nokia, where the first thing staffers would say to a customer was, “So tell me about you.” That helped determine what kind of phone the customer needed, Gratiot says.

Nokia also spent a lot of time simplifying phones so users easily could access all of their technological features. “Automakers don’t do that with cars,” she tells WardsAuto.

That will change in the car of the future because of artificial intelligence. Your car will know you better than your iPhone knows you, and using the technology will be more intuitive.

AI in automobiles is in its infancy but is growing up fast. As it matures, AI will have an enormous impact on how cars are produced and sold.

AI and deep learning “will truly transform the automotive market,” says Danny Shapiro, senior director-automotive at Nvidia, a designer of computer chips and related products for several industries, including automotive.

Artificial intelligence stems from the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that generally require human intelligence, such as visual perception and decision-making.  Deep learning allows AI to develop by endlessly repeating tasks until something is “learned.”

In manufacturing, AI will streamline the process by doing everything from managing inventories and materials to detecting problems along the line, Shapiro says. Automakers will use AI to test new chassis and structural layouts, and try out new designs that were previously thought impossible to implement, he says.

“The development process for cars is changing from mechanical to electronic systems to fully computerized and programmable systems,” Shapiro says. “The car is now software-defined.”

How cars are driven also will be revolutionized by AI, he says, because of its role in operating fully autonomous vehicles.

Ian Beavis, chief strategy officer at marketing and advertising firm AMCI, agrees. True autonomous driving – so-called Level 5, where no human interaction is needed – will be realized through AI, he tells WardsAuto on the floor of the recent Automoblity LA, the new name for the Los Angeles auto show.

“AI means everything for autonomous driving,” says Beavis.  “Without AI and machine learning, you can’t put vehicles in unknown environments. It allows autonomy to run free.”

Software will make that possible. AImotive is a startup providing AI technology to automakers. (Nvidia is an investor in AImotive).